Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

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Advertising on social media, also called SMA (Social Marketing Advertising) includes any of the paid actions to raise visibility on the principal social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).  Paid digital advertising begins working as soon as the campaign is launched and enables you to rapidly obtain visibility, recognition and conversions. In other terms this is digital advertising that can be put in place on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin as well as on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

Facebook Ads

KEOLIO optimise la publicité digitale et le référencement payant sur Facebook

Internauts spend an average of 80 minutes per day on social networks. Advertising on social media is an online advertising solution that has proven itself! Whether you are seeking to develop a community, raise your visibility, launch a new product, or increase the rate of conversions and purchases on your e-commerce website… Facebook Ads is the solution for you! Your Facebook Ads certified account manager will define your objectives together with you and ensure that they are reached by regularly analyzing the results of the campaigns.

Instagram Ads

KEOLIO gère la publicité digitale et le référencement payant sur instagram

Instagram Ads are managed from the advertising platform Facebook Ads. With 300 million daily users, Instagram is a rapidly expanding social network and is vital for businesses. Make yourself known, attract new clients and share your story with a very receptive audience.

Increase your sales, your mobile app downloads, and even your store foot traffic. The Instagram ads appear in a linear and highly visible format surrounded by an inspiring visual universe.

Remarketing & Display

Facebook tools enable you to retarget visitors to your site directly on Facebook.

Once internauts have visited your site, they are then retargeted by your ads in their News Feeds. Today, Facebook displays one ad for every three posts, so your ad will be more visible than it ever was. Thanks to these remarketing techniques, each internaut can be individually targeted.

How do we manage your advertising campaigns?

Our objective is to guarantee you a maximum visibility and recognition.

Our experts accompany you in setting up your digital advertising campaigns on social networks. To achieve this, we study the competition, do a complete evaluation of actions you have already taken, and present you with a targeting strategy.

We use the most advanced tools on the market: Google AdWords Editor, Google Optimize, Google Data Studio, Business Manager, Facebook, Swydo, and many more.

Market Analysis

Definition of a target audience

Advertising campaigns creation

Optimisation technique et éditoriale

Facebook pixel integration for tracking

Detailed monthly reporting